Demonstration Team Request

Missing your Masonry?!  Wish you had something a bit different to read and digest?

If the answer is yes, then why not give the MetDemo team a shout…?

The Met Demo team has been running for around 10 years. It was originally set up both to assist London lodges that had no ritual work, or just wanted something different for a special meeting, as well as to raise funds for 9812’s charity account. Over £10,000 to date.

A brief outline of what we do.

The team performs an abbreviated version of the 1st degree lecture, with each team member in a set role (or two). The demonstration, which lasts about 45 minutes, is performed on the chequered floor of the lodge in a question-and-answer format.  A team ideally consists of six members (however on one memorable occasion, a team of three delivered the demonstration!)

And the plus side for you is that we are looking for new members to join the team. 

As I’m sure you’ll appreciate, it is not easy to get a team of six out on the same day, so the more members I have to call on, the better the chances of forming a team.  We get asked to help because a lodge needs us, and it’s not a nice feeling when we have to disappoint a lodge because we can’t get a team together. 

Once you join the team you will always be part of it. 

However, your path in masonry often means your time to help is limited.  Over the past couple of years some of our team members have found their time to volunteer is limited.  I would love to say otherwise but even I must admit the work of a Met Inspector is quite intense!  As of April 2021, we will have lost four members in total who have been honoured with that role, W.Brothers Michael Todd, Scott Simpson, Ian Burgess and Sanjiv Gohil.  Of course, the rest of the team also have other commitments that can limit our ability to form a team.


Due to Covid, it could be a while before we can offer our services again.  However, when we do get a call it would be fantastic to have some new faces on the team.    

If you feel that the camaraderie of being part of the team, as well as the opportunity to visit new lodges in service of Met, would of interest to you please contact me:

W.Bro Alan Giddings