Demonstration Team

Does your lodge have a meeting without a ceremony to perform?

Would you like to see something unusual, educational and entertaining?

The Metropolitan Grand Stewards’ Lodge No. 9812 has formed a Demonstration Team which is available to visit lodges within the Metropolitan area.

This demonstration is unlike anything else available in London at the moment. The MGSL Team works an abbreviated version of the 1st Degree catechetical lectures, which runs for about 45 minutes. It includes a detailed explanation of the symbolism of the 1st Degree Tracing Board, as well as many other interesting sections. It does not repeat any part of the Initiation Ceremony and is staged by 6 members of MGSL.

There is no expense to the lodge and the team even pay for their own dining.  It is however requested that the alms collection (and any other donation which the lodge feels appropriate) is given to the Metropolitan Grand Stewards’ Lodge to apply to the Metropolitan Grand Master’s annual appeal for the MMC.

We currently have a team of about 25 members but are recruiting more from the membership of the Lodge to keep the ability to field a team on as many occasions as possible going forward so if you are a member of The Metropolitan Grand Stewards’ Lodge no 9812 and are new to the Lodge or have not considered doing this before and have some spare time why not contact the Demonstration Team Coordinator with a view to joining the team.

If you are a Lodge who would like to host one of our demonstrations you can apply to the Demonstration Team Coordinator, Alan Giddings LGR by E-mail at: or use our Contact Us page.